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Canine Influencers

This last year of limited in-person contact has seen many of us spending more time than ever on social media. But we humans aren’t the only ones. Locked in our homes and looking for new hobbies to pass the time, more dog lovers are introducing their dogs to social media, too. Well, in a manner of speaking: the number of Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and blogs “by” dogs (as well as cats, pigs, and all manner of typical and atypical pets) has exploded.

This isn’t an entirely new trend. Doug the Pug is a notable early pioneer. Doug’s people catapulted his winning online presence into a veritable industry with over 8 million social media followers and a hearty retail line. Then there’s Bosco and His Big Stick, a Dachshund who, you guessed it, delights his Instagram followers by carrying seemingly impossibly large sticks (branches, really) while out on his daily constitutional. Other internet darlings include Jiffpom, a Pomeranian with a Katy Perry music video on her resume, and the Urban French Farmers, a trio of rather opinionated French Bulldogs who share their daily trials and tribulations via their Facebook page.

While most of our dogs aren’t likely to reach such superstar status or rack up followers numbered in the millions, if sharing your dog’s unique personality with the world appeals there’s plenty of online advice to be had on how to build their audience. A Google search will turn up everything from how-to articles for hobbyists to marketing companies specializing in turning pets into social media stars.

If you’re looking for a new way to spend time, and you live with a dog who has something to say (or is a comic genius or even just particularly photogenic), perhaps it’s time to set them up with their own online presence. Who knows—your best friend could be the next Doug the Pug! At the very least it’s likely to bring joy to your family and friends.

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